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About Us

We deliver positive change through strategic thinking, creative execution and digital engagement. Appsifter works with ambitious clients across the US and beyond. Positive change comes in many shapes and sizes: as large as a new website launch or as small as a collateral review.

our approach

We have a passion for all things digital. From building better brand experiences to designing websites to conceptualizing and building demand generation campaigns, we approach every project with a desire to create something amazing that transforms each client's business.

Our philosophy is simple. We think digital marketing should be interesting, enlightening, and easy to understand. Whether you’re selling particle accelerators or herbal tea.

markets & industries

We do digital marketing projects for B2B and B2C organizations. Although the majority of our clients are tech and software companies, we can work with any industry or business sector.

Whether you're a non-profit, Fortune 500 company, startup or small business, we can help you develop a strong digital marketing strategy, create unique and engaging content, and build successful lead generation activities.

Our Team

Alison Izard

Before founding Appsifter in 2011, Alison spent 16 years in the software and technology consulting industry as a director of marketing, product manager, and training program developer. She's from the Mid-Atlantic region and has a BA in History from the University of Maryland, College Park. When she’s not working, Alison does fine art photography, bicycles around town and spends time with her four-legged family.

Julie Bohannon

Julie brings over seven years of experience as a marketing and project manager for software and technology companies. She earned a BA from Florida State University, and now lives in San Francisco, CA. Julie's favorite pastimes include visiting art galleries, going to concerts, and walking her neighborhood dogs.